Code of Ethics

The company has always operated with integrity in compliance not only with the laws and regulations in force but also with the moral values ​​that are considered indispensable by those who always and in any case want to act with integrity, correctness, loyalty and transparency.

Operating with integrity means acting adequately in compliance with the laws, regulations in force and the rules imposed with the policies, with company procedures and with this Code of Ethics.

In this perspective, the Company intends to adhere to the principles referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments and additions through the adoption of the Organization, management and control model, which finds its moment of highest expression in the Code of Ethics, which of the Model is an integral part.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to clearly define the set of principles and values ​​that the Company shares and makes its own and the consequent behaviors expected by its directors, employees, collaborators and, more generally, by anyone who works in favor or in name of the company.

Below you can download our entire Code of Ethics.