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In the late 19th century, the gelato-makers of the Val Zoldana and Cadore areas began to migrate all over the world, proposing artisan gelato that would win the favour of the thousands of consumers who fell in love with their products. In the early eighties, young Piero Michielan followed in the footsteps of these gelato pioneers and, after various experiences in and around Venice, he decided to perfect his gelato-making skills in one of the countries where Italian gelato was already popular, moving to Germany. There, he saw that artisan gelato was destined to be eclipsed by ice-cream, but also noted that, on the other hand, there would still be space for the product on the market – and perhaps even more than ever before – if it were adapted to cater for the new lifestyles of the period, which focused on the consumption of genuine, top quality products. During his time in Germany, he fine-tuned his art, taught by the master gelato-makers of the Dolomites and driven by the high energy level that accompanies youth. And, once he was confident that the “basics” were in the bag, he set off again, and returned to Venice…

Heir to the great Venetian tradition of discovering and enthusiastically integrating ingredients from around the world in its recipes, Premiata Gelateria Michielan remains true to its original philosophy: to use only selected raw materials from suitable lands, with a protected characteristic identity. To guarantee a new, wholesome, gratifying gelato experience, all Michielan gelato products are free from artificial colourings and flavours, hydrogenated fats, stabilisers and emulsifiers. Only top quality ingredients are used in its recipes: fresh Italian milk and cream, eggs from free-range, responsibly nourished hens, fine ingredients such as Sicilian pistachios, three-lobed Piedmont hazelnuts, Barry Callebaut cocoa and many other, equally prestigious materials.

Throughout the world, “Made in Italy” has become the emblem of quality, of products made according to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and of creativity in many working fields, from design to fashion, artisan workmanship and fine food and wine.


The story of Premiata Gelateria F.lli Michielan begins in 1981, when young Piero Michielan goes to Germany. There, under the watchful eye of the master gelato-makers of Val di Zoldo, a beautiful valley in the Venetian Dolomites, he learns the art of gelato-making.
Storia | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Premiata Gelateria Michielan


Piero Michielan decides to open a gelateria in Noale, a picturesque medieval town in the Venetian hinterland. It’s one of the first artisan gelato shops in the area, and it soon becomes a reference point for those who adore the natural taste of artisan gelato.


In 1987, he decides to open an artisan workshop with a capacity that can cater for the mushrooming demand. Michielan gelato supplied in tubs becomes a popular new product.
Storia | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Premiata Gelateria Michielan


Based on a careful evaluation of the market and lifestyle of the time, Michielan launches single-portion gelato in glasses or collector’s pottery or glass bowls: a container that adds value to the company’s excellent artisan gelato, making it even more enticing and appetising.


Michielan artisan gelato begins gaining ground overseas. The company’s participation in the most important European trade fairs – “Anuga” in Cologne, “Intercool” in Düsseldorf, “Sial” in Paris and “Intergast” in Stuttgart – enables it to successfully showcase the wide variety of products in its range.
Storia | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Produzione | Premiata Gelateria Michielan


To meet the rising demand from the market, a new production workshop spanning 1000 square metres is opened in the municipality of Scorzè, not far from Venice.


Over the years, Piero Michielan and his wife Antonella are joined at the helm of the company by their children, Riccardo and Elisa, who strengthen the company’s public relations and its potential to produce for and sell to extra-European countries. Their involvement marks their desire to keep the company in the family and plays a key role in maintaining the high quality of the production and its reliable approach to its customers.
Storia | Famiglia Michielan | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Piero Michielan | Premiata Gelateria Michielan


Piero Michielan signs an important sales contract with Mister Lee, one of the most important, expert Chinese gelato producers, and owner of Popland. The contract envisages the gradual development of Italian artisan gelato in China, under the “Gelato di Natura” and Michielan brands.


Gelato di Natura, the new format of Premiata Gelateria F.lli Michielan is launched. The store in Campo Santi Apostoli in Venice is opened.
Storia | Gelato di Natura | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Michi Mochi | Premiata Gelateria Michielan


A new product is launched: Michi. A grand classic of traditional Japanese cuisine revisited and reinterpreted by a great Italian gelato producer.


The logistics and production departments of the Scorzè site are extended: a requirement determined by the rising demands of both the domestic and export markets.
Sede | Premiata Gelateria Michielan
Storia | Gelato di Natura


La Premiata Gelateria Michielan moves its headquarters to the island of Murano, where it also opens Doge 41, the Gelato Active Museum, aiming to introduce the general public to the long, emblematic history of artisan gelato: the company’s contribution to the culture of the product.


“Dose de Mar”, the company’s new brand, is launched. Proposed in an elegant container, it is a gelato made with a high level of artisan skill and the finest ingredients. It is designed for the high-end restaurant trade and ideal for parties and functions.


Gelato di natura 

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