Artisanal italian gelato according to Piero Michielan

In this book, piero michielan, a leading italian master gelato maker, talks pleasantly about matters and life episodes, placing everything on a huge ‘tapestry’, where he traced peculiarities of the italian style, the history of artisan gelato, and various happenings during the years of economic boom. he also talks about a revival, evolution, and success of this famous “cold sweet” that started in the 1970s.

A pleasing conversation explaining cultural and historical origins of this superb Italian gastronomical delight, the reasons and peculiarities that counter-distinguish it, and the qualities, knowledge and experience that make it unique, starting with the use of local ingredients right up to the workmanship of master gelato makers. A story that talks about an enthusiastic and expert. Italy, able to give us back some hope for the future.

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