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Artisanal italian gelato according to Piero Michielan

In this book, piero michielan, a leading italian master gelato maker, talks pleasantly about matters and life episodes, placing everything on a huge ‘tapestry’, where he traced peculiarities of the italian style, the history of artisan gelato, and various happenings during the years of economic boom. he also talks about a revival, evolution, and success of this famous “cold sweet” that started in the 1970s.

A pleasing conversation explaining cultural and historical origins of this superb Italian gastronomical delight, the reasons and peculiarities that counter-distinguish it, and the qualities, knowledge and experience that make it unique, starting with the use of local ingredients right up to the workmanship of master gelato makers. A story that talks about an enthusiastic and expert. Italy, able to give us back some hope for the future.


Since 1982

The tradition...the sweet smells and the endless flavours of soft, fresh, creamy home-made ‘gelato’. These age-old flavours have always played an important role and today we are still making ‘gelato’ to the highest standards with traditional artisan recipes.
The meticulous attention paid to the choice and the purchase of the best raw ingredients, scrupulous production controls, continuous research into creativity and innovation, improvement of services and our customer service have been top priority for over thirty years. Today these qualities enable us to guarantee what our customers have come to expect: complete satisfaction when enjoying our deliciously soft, fresh, creamy ‘gelato’...


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