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The tale of a territory

What makes Venetian gelato so deliciously unique?

First of all, its uniqueness derives from the international vocation of its native city, Venice.

A modus vivendi that found its historical forerunner in the Venetian traveller, writer and ambassador Marco Polo (in fact he is credited as the person who introduced gelato to Italy, on his way back from China… made back then by mixing fruit and milk with ice, it was an early version of the sorbet).

At that time, the city was already beginning to open up to the world, eager to encounter and combine other cultures with its own, enhance itself with the marks of other peoples, and integrate brand new shapes and flavours into its own scenarios.

For centuries, Venice was the point where East met West, its alleyways full of colourful, fragrant spices, its people intertwining a mix of languages as goods were traded and cultures mingled, its cuisine merging the delights of the land with the scents of the sea.


And Venice is home to the most modern “Made in Italy”. A “Made in Venice” that is just as proud of its own traditions as it is open to new ideas from the rest of the world.

Colori Premiata Gelateria Artigianale Michielan

Heir to the great Venetian tradition of discovering and enthusiastically integrating ingredients from around the world in its recipes, Premiata Gelateria Michielan remains true to its original philosophy: to use only selected raw materials from suitable lands, with a protected characteristic identity. 

To guarantee a new, wholesome, gratifying gelato experience, all Michielan gelato products are free from artificial colourings and flavours, hydrogenated fats, stabilisers and emulsifiers. Only top quality ingredients are used in its recipes: fresh Italian milk and cream, eggs from free-range, responsibly nourished hens, fine ingredients such as Sicilian pistachios, three-lobed Piedmont hazelnuts, Barry Callebaut cocoa and many other, equally prestigious materials.


Since 1982

The tradition...the sweet smells and the endless flavours of soft, fresh, creamy home-made ‘gelato’. These age-old flavours have always played an important role and today we are still making ‘gelato’ to the highest standards with traditional artisan recipes.
The meticulous attention paid to the choice and the purchase of the best raw ingredients, scrupulous production controls, continuous research into creativity and innovation, improvement of services and our customer service have been top priority for over thirty years. Today these qualities enable us to guarantee what our customers have come to expect: complete satisfaction when enjoying our deliciously soft, fresh, creamy ‘gelato’...


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